We want to preserve our environment.

SILKWOOD MANUFACTURING is committed to achieving and maintaining a standard of excellence and sustainability in all its operations.

In conformance with all relevant local and international laws, agreements and conventions, Silkwood Manufacturing shall:-


  • Minimise waste pollution and any other negative impacts, which our operations may have on the natural environment, and its resources.
  • Promote the long term well being of employees, the local community and the public at large, where feasible, support social and economic development.
  • Monitor the impact of our operations on the natural and social environment by use of internationally recognized resource management systems.
  • Require all on-site contractors to comply with our environmental standards as a condition of the supply of services.
  • Frequently review and update this policy through a process of consultation with all stakeholders for continual improvements.

In the pursuit of our business, we will utilize only renewable and sustainable raw material products and actively prevent the pollution of the environment.