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2 drawer open cabinet

US$69.00 incl. VAT

2 tier filing cabinet mahogany

US$150.00 incl. VAT

2 tier mobile pedestal

US$137.00 incl. VAT

3 tier filing cabinet

US$275.00 incl. VAT

4 tier office filing cabinet

US$290.00 incl. VAT

4 tier office filing cabinet wooden handles

US$332.00 incl. VAT

5 drawer straight office desk 1.5m

US$298.00 incl. VAT

5 drawer straight office desk 1.8m

US$298.00 incl. VAT

6 drawer Bow-front office desk

US$380.00 incl. VAT

All-in-one executive office desk, cabinet

US$675.00 incl. VAT

Classique executive office suite

US$1,600.00 US$1,350.00 incl. VAT

Executive Gentle office suite

US$773.00 incl. VAT

Executive visitors chairs bonded leather

US$200.00 incl. VAT

Executive visitors Chesterfield sofa

US$1,100.00 incl. VAT

Executive visitors fabric

US$65.00 incl. VAT

L-shaped 1 drawer 1 cabinet straight desk 1.8m

US$495.00 US$450.00 incl. VAT

L-shaped computer desk 5 drawers

US$390.00 incl. VAT

L-shaped Desk with Sliding Door Credenza 3 drawers

US$450.00 incl. VAT

L-shaped desk with storage cabinets

US$1,111.00 incl. VAT

Mobile Pedestal 4 drawers

US$0.00 incl. VAT

U-Shaped executive office desk

US$973.00 incl. VAT