The new Silkwood Manufacturing logo features a bold, geometric "S" shape in a deep, rich blue colours.


The sharp, angular corners of the "S" symbolize the precision, attention to detail and innovative spirit of the company. The two pieces of the "S" sign represent components that are artistically joined together to produce a finished product.


The simplicity and minimalism of the design give it a modern, digital feel that reflects Silkwood's commitment to embracing new technologies and digital transformation in their wood furniture manufacturing processes.

The blue color palette conveys a sense of trust, stability, and professionalism, highlighting Silkwood's reputation for high-quality, long-lasting wood furniture.


The clean lines and angular shapes create an eye-catching, memorable logo that stands out in both digital and print applications.


Overall, this new logo design effectively communicates Silkwood Manufacturing's brand identity as a forward-thinking, detail-oriented wood furniture maker dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services to their customers through traditional craftsmanship and digital innovation.